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Staff Roster and Phone Numbers

Pierre Office | Sioux Falls Office | Statewide

The following employees are located in the Pierre Office:

Name Title Phone #
Brech, Adam Auditor III 773-6441
Christianson, Bob State Government Audit Manager 773-6449
Dalldorf, Tim IS Auditor III 773-6451
Devitt, John Auditor II 773-2267
Doolittle, Sheri Senior Secretary 773-6444
Fickbohm, Matthew Auditor III 773-6435
Flannery, Tim State Government Audit Manager 773-6442
Headley, Dawn IS Auditor III 773-6437
Keyes, Ashlee Auditor III 773-3343
Kogelmann, Mike Auditor IV 773-6440
Mikkelsen, Kelly Information Systems Audit Manager 773-6436
Mitchell, Paul Auditor II 773-6450
Neuhauser, Brianna Auditor III 773-5931
Newman, Mitchell Auditor I 773-6446
Olson, Russell A. Auditor General 773-3595
Reimers, Liz Auditor III 773-2010
Rinehart, Karlee Auditor III 773-5932
Schofield, Lisa Auditor IV 773-6438
Sharp, Laurel Finance Officer 773-6453
White, Matthew Auditor I 773-6445


The following employee is located in Sioux Falls.

Fortin, Rod Director of Local Government Assistance 367-5810
Goens, Glenda Assistant Director of Local Government Assistance


The following employees are located throughout the State. They can be reached by dialing the Pierre office number (605) 773-3595.

Name Title Location
Burkhart, Michelle Auditor II Dell Rapids
Hill, Jason Auditor I Mobridge
Hintz, Bruce Auditor III Lead
Olson, Russ (688-6463) Local Government Audit Manager Brookings
Pitts, Brandie Auditor II Huron
Qualm, Toby Local Government Supervisor Platte
Schaefer, Al Auditor III Rapid City
Schaefer, Jeff Local Government Supervisor Parker
Schwader, Maria Auditor II Mitchell
Shellum, Joshua Auditor III Sioux Falls
Theroux, Christopher Auditor I Aberdeen
Weidler, David Auditor I Sioux Falls